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The artist's name is Bill Berk. He was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by loving parents and was one of four siblings living in a quiet neighborhood. While developing his creative expressions at the young age of 10, he realized his passion for art. One of his first formal pieces involved a wall mural on his bedroom wall — his interpretation of Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven album. With this accomplishment, he finally found a means to express his thoughts, feelings, and use his imagination through Art!

Over the next 20 years he continued to draw, and hand-paint murals, still life and landscape sceneries among other aesthetics. Some of his commercial artwork includes animated murals for a dance studio and a neighborhood pizza shop. Bill also hand-painted and airbrushed several recreation and family rooms that includes 3-D floors, and lifelike cartoon characters, iconic movie stars and treasured character stars on walls, doors, ceilings, and canvas.

He received his formal education at The Philadelphia Art Institute. His main quest was to validate his artistic talent while learning new and advanced artistic techniques. His education succeeded in stimulating his deep passion and desire to put his creative expressions into practice.

After 40 years, he married his childhood sweetheart Cindy. They found and purchased their home — a historic Victorian home built in 1858 (Photo displays before & after — house painting & custom built cedar shutters by BerkArt Designs) in a quaint suburb of Philadelphia known as Churchville. One of his most recent masterpieces is a mural on their kitchen wall. While painting the kitchen walls with Venetian plaster, he was suddenly inspired. Although he researched artwork techniques using Venetian plaster, he found no evidence of this method practiced by anyone. So he began etching an angel on the wall with the sun bursting through the heavens. The end-result — a spectacular piece of art. Because of this accomplishment, he decided to pursue his life-long dream of establishing his own Art business. While Bill is shipbuilder by trade, painting art on a regular basis is now a reality — the birth of BerkArt Designs!


BerkArt Designs provide affordable custom artwork for your business or home. Our work consists of fine art, original art, reproductions, custom paintings, pen, pencil or charcoal drawings, and vintage originals. We take your idea and create a custom airbrushed or hand-painted piece on a surface of your choice. The surface can be a canvas, wall, floor, ceiling, guitar, laptop, wood, or a surface of your choice - we entertain all ideas. Our specialties include exceptional murals, wall art, custom airbrushed artwork for motorcycles, trucks, cars, vans, or helmets, life-like animals, cartoon characters, your favorite rock star or actor, 3-D scenes, portraits of your loved ones or Trompe L'Oeil. All pieces are custom-made; therefore, all pieces are unique.

**FYI: Wedding and child theme paintings are a clever idea to give as a unique gift to yourself or someone else!

Although Bill's concentration is in custom artwork, he extends his artistic talents to include creating professional business cards and logos.


BerkArt strives to stay true to their core belief — ART provides a means for self-expression!

Our mission is to deliver an exceptional experience by giving you a venue to express your unique imagination and creative ideas. We guarantee your satisfaction. Our goal is your happiness — your happiness is achieved through our mission!
Come join us on our artistic journey and become a part of our family!

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We entertain all ideas — Let BerkArt turn your idea into a visual reality!

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